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WHS & QA Policies

ARK Building Group’s Workplace Health and Safety Strategies are to:

  • Operate in compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice
  • Implement and maintain a comprehensive risk management system, that includes monitoring, audit and review of performance
  • Implement and maintain a safety management system, in accordance with AS/NZS 4801 standard
  • Identify the potential safety risks and hazards of our operations and mitigate and control workplace hazards through providing safe equipment, safe work practices and safe systems of work
  • Set objectives and standards to mitigate potentially significant impacts; and commit to continual improvement in safety and health performance
  • Clearly define health and safety responsibilities of all staff and sub-contractors and ensure that they are aware of their role in implementing ARK Building Group’s commitment to safety and health in the workplace
  • Involve our employees in safety and health matters and consult with them in ways to reduce work place hazards and prevent injuries
  • Provide employees with safety information, supervision and training appropriate to the hazards in the workplace
  • Communicate with employees, contractors and relevant stakeholders on safety and health issues and performance

ARK Building Group’s Quality Assurance Strategies are to:

  • Focus on simplifying the business operations to provide continuous improvement of the company’s vast array of services to our clients
  • QA plan implementation and maintenance in conformity with quality standards and processes
  • Understanding of the client’s needs including their present and future project requirements
  • Transparency – Our clients will be able to obtain information of the QA procedure undertaken for the services that we have provided
  • Strict quality assurance procedures at all stages of the services life cycle, well-defined scope of work and company personnel responsibility to provide improved quality assurance
  • Focus on prevention of a possible decrease in quality rather than on measures to restore the quality level

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